Covid-19 news


The festival board regrets the announcement of its decision to cancel the 2020 Easter Food Festival.

We must stress that this is not a decision that has been taken lightly.
However, this is a food and drink festival, attracting a large number of people who are there to sample produce,. It is critical not to create an environment that could exacerbate the current Corona virus situation.

With the continued progress of the Corona virus, we feel it would not be responsible to host the event this Spring, so it is better to take the decision now rather than cancel at shorter notice.

Although many people have been eagerly anticipating the Easter festival, and a great deal of work has gone into its preparation, the safety and well-being of our visitors, volunteers and traders alike, must be uppermost in our plans.



All being well,  we are still hopeful of staging an Autumn Food Festival.

Its format will be dictated by the safety measure in place at the time.

Mark your diaries for 2nd to 4th October 2020
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