Terms & Conditions Easter 2020

The Broadstairs Easter Fair, (“the Festival”), is organised by the Broadstairs Food Festival CIC (“BFF CIC”) -a not for profit organisation.

The event will be held on Victoria Gardens and adjacent promenade, Broadstairs. CT10 1QS

The garden area is enclosed, with overnight security.

Public - Opening days and hours

Sat 11th Apr - Mon 13th Apr 2020

Trading Hours:  10.00 –  17.00, Sat, Sun

Trading Hours:  10.00 –  16.00 Mon

Traders Access

Friday  10th Apr 2020  

Entry between 16.00 – 19.00    Off site by 21.00

Trading days

Entry between 7.30 – 09.00.  Off site by 09.30


End of day:

Unless otherwise directed for safety reasons

Entry -   Sat /Sun / Sat 18.15;   Mon 16.15

Taking down of stalls:

From 16.15; Mon 13th 

Site to be clear by 20.00

Traffic awareness

The site is situated adjacent to a main street, with

residential housing.  For the safety of residents, & other motorists – patience needs to be exercised



No on- or off- sales of alcohol will be allowed without trader holding a relevant temporary event notice (TENS). Proof of TENS must be supplied to BFF no later than 4 weeks prior to the event


We will carefully consider each application and will endeavour to notify you within 2 weeks of receiving your application.

If you are successful you will be invoiced for a non-refundable deposit of £50.  

Payment will be required within 14 days. Balance payments are required no later than 28th Feb 2020 Failure to pay the balance by its due date may comprise stall allocation.


Commercial Health

Stall holders will be visited by Environmental Health Officers on site at the Festival to check compliance with UK Food Safety Legislation.

Fire Safety  - use of gas

Traders cooking on site must provide appropriate fire extinguishing equipment

The CFOA form – separately supplied - must be completed prior to trading, and be held on file for inspection at the event.

Plastic / glass on site

This year with your help, the Festival will be reducing use of single use plastics and moving towards 100% use of compostable cutlery, cups, plates and packaging.

Stall-holders should use environmentally friendly packaging and other materials where possible.

All recyclable paper and cardboard waste must be separated out and taken to the designated area for disposal.

If your trade generates waste glass (bottles etc) we would encourage you to remove the bottles for appropriate recycling.

Electricity - Generators

Socket instalments and connections will be under the control and supervision of the electrician employed by BFF on site.

Electricity will be supplied to stall-holders on request to declared equipment with current PAT certification. Use of personal diesel generators will be permitted only by agreement with BFF.   

Under NO circumstances will petrol generations be permitted.


Contaminated water and oil waste

Contaminated water, oil and grease scrapings should be disposed of responsibly. No substance should be discharged onto the ground as it has a damaging effect on the grass. It is the traders’ responsibility to provide adequate containers for contaminated waste and to remove from the site.

Whilst we do not ask for a security deposit, exhibitors will be liable for costs incurred in making good ground damage.



Theft, breakages, flooding, water, storm and any other form of damage to the Stall-holders’ produce, equipment, stalls and machinery are the sole responsibility of the stall holders.

Public Liability Insurance must be held by each stall-holder in the sum of £5 million.  The stall-holders agree with the BFF to indemnify BFF from and against all loss, damage or liability whether default or neglect of the Stall-holders’ employees or agents.

Stall-holders are responsible for the security of their stalls, goods and equipment during the opening times of the event as defined in the Schedule.

Trader / pitch allocation

Priority will be given to traders whose product has Kent county provenance.

BFF reserves the right to allocate stall position according to power requirements, gas usage, product type..  


Style of pitch

The majority of the pitches are in lengths of open fronted marquees. (3m wide  x 4.5m deep)

There are a limited number of owner supplied gazebo sites - reserved for hot food service  (3m2)

Bear in mind – this is a natural site, on grass, so the ground is uneven in places

Vehicle-based stalls and trailers are positioned on the promenade, with no access to power

Subletting or transfer

The subletting or transfer of the area allocated to stall-holders is strictly forbidden



All stalls should be constructed and decorated to a high standard in keeping with the principles of the Festival. All Stall-holders shall behave in a way which upholds and enhances the reputation of the Festival.  Traders must ensure both stall and staff are to a professional standard.

All stalls must display the stall-holders name clearly.

Stall-holders should be mindful when placing advertising boards around/near their sites – walkways must be kept clear and access to other traders’ pitches not obstructed / obscured.

Banner space on the perimeter fences are exclusively allocated to sponsors and patrons. Use of microphones or loudspeakers is not permitted


Your personal information

Your personal information will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Broadstairs Food Festival will not disclose such information to any unauthorized person or body but, where appropriate, will be used such information in keeping you informed of the Festival and related news, activities and events.


The festival reserves the right to use your company name, logo and any relevant product information on marketing material including, but not limited to, social media, website and printed literature.



A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required

Stall-holders positions are NOT offered on a first come first served basis – neither does previous attendance ensure ongoing presence.


The board will consider ALL applications received but reserves the right to limit trading pitches according to product type; sponsorship arrangements; other governing factors.

Cancellation policy

If you need to withdraw from the event, the following will apply:


Before 1st February : all monies paid, less deposit, will be refunded

Before 1st February :  no refund will be given.

This reflects the difficulty of finding a suitable, alternative trader at late notice.  

However - should your space be re-let, then refund less deposit will be given.

Force Majeure

Stall-holders cannot claim for compensation of reimbursement in the case of postponement or cancellation of the Festival if said postponement or cancellation is due to matters beyond the control of BFF such as flood, tempest, acts of terrorism etc.

Changes to these conditions

All rules, regulations and conditions may be changed by notice in writing from BFF to the stall-holder at the address given on the application form attached to these conditions.


Queries should be addressed to:


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