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Dog Policy: Guide, assistance and hearing dogs are welcome on site. Access is limited to these registered animals only.

Sustainability - Broadstairs Food Festival


Broadstairs Food Festival takes place on the clifftop that borders one of the busiest waterways in Europe, with cargo, passenger and pleasure boats using the seaways. Plastic is a growing problem in our rivers and sea - so the festival is introducing steps to limit the waste we generate.

The festival is, and has always been, committed to responsible food sourcing, reducing food miles and maintaining welfare standards. This year, we are striving still further to increase our sustainability and beginning the journey to becoming a small part of the solution and not a bigger part of the problem.

Our exhibitors are asked not to sell soft drinks in plastic bottles nor to use non-recyclable cutlery, plastic or polystyrene cups and plates

You Can Play Your Part

You can play your part by bringing cotton / recycled bags to the event.

£1 Eco Levy Scheme: The Main bar is providing re-usable, recyclable 'glasses' for all drink consumption on site. Use your 'glass' throughout the site and at the end of your visit, either place it in our dedicated glass recycling bin or make it your festival souvenir to use at other events.

The introduction of this scheme in 2019 enabled us to cut our waste by 50%.

These may be small steps initially, but we need everyone’s help to achieve a positive change. Please note, we always welcome feedback on what we are doing and how it affects you, as well as new ideas.

Sustainability - Broadstairs Food Festival